What We Do – South Palm Beach County Intergroup of AA

  • 561-276-4581 – phones answered twenty four hours a day by members of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • “12th Step Calls” – members of Alcoholics Anonymous “carry the message” to persons asking for help
  • Publication of SCAAN, the monthly newsletter for SPBCI
  • Meeting lists (Where & When) printed in April and October –
  • Website meeting lists, www.aainpalmbeach.org, updated monthly
  • Hospitals & Institutions Committee members provide meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous for those unable to attend local meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • SPBCI office stocks an inventory of A.A. General Service Conference-approved literature plus chips, medallions, and gift items

What Is An Intergroup Office?

“An A.A. service office involves partnership among groups in a community – just as AA groups themselves are partnerships of individuals.  An Intergroup office exists to carry out certain functions  common to all groups – functions which are best handled by a centralized office – and it is usually maintained, supervised, and supported by these groups in their general interest.  It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers.”  (Reprinted from “A.A. Guidelines for Central or Intergroup Offices” with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.)

South Palm Beach County Intergroup Association Inc. (SPBCI) was established in 1984, when the growth of AA in Palm Beach County led to the splitting of Palm Beach into 2 offices (North and South County).  SPBCI has maintained the same 24-hour help line for its 24-year history. SPBCI is maintained by trusted servants.  Intergroup Reps are elected by each Group that wants to be involved.  Reps elect a Steering Committee of 4 individuals who serve 2-year terms, and 13  Committee Chairs who serve 1-year terms.  These trusted servants serve, they do not govern.  Major decisions are supported by the collective conscience of groups who participate in monthly business meetings. In addition, there is a paid Office Manager, and paid part-time workers.

The Intergroup Office in South Palm Beach County is your office! Stop in and familiarize yourself with this incredible resource that supports all of our groups!  Find out about all the volunteer opportunities that allow you to give back by getting into service.

How Does My Group, Or How Do I, Get Involved?

Most Groups in South Palm Beach County choose to be part of the Unity of AA (part of AA’s Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service). They elect an Intergroup Rep and support Intergroup in other ways.  The Rep attends monthly business Meetings representing their group’s conscience.  Reps keep their group informed of issues, opportunities, and events.  Each Rep carries back to Intergroup their group conscience; and, makes motions for Intergroup to consider. An Intergroup Rep, if qualified, may choose to stand for a Committee Chair position or   as a member of the four-person Steering Committee.  Any Alcoholic in Palm Beach County, even if their Group is not active, can attend the monthly business meetings as well as volunteering to serve on any of the 13 current Committees.

Your Intergroup is supported by a cadre of able, willing and caring volunteers who work in the Intergroup office or serve in other ways.  Responsibilities in the Intergroup office include: answering telephones; directing callers to meetings; identifying 12-step needs; stocking inventory; and assisting in the sales of literature, medallions, and other items.  Interested AAs simply need to call or stop in at the Intergroup Office to discuss their interest and availability.  Volunteer slots   open up throughout the year.

You can also be a 12-Step volunteer, if qualified.  Volunteers also serve on one of the Intergroup committees, including: Group Information; Hospitals & Institutions; Public Information; Special Events; the SCAAN newsletter; Bridge the Gap; Telephone Relay (after-hour phone coverage handled by a monthly commitment by a group);  Archives; and Where & When (meeting schedules); and, The Serenity Scramble.  If interested in supporting a committee, simply come to a monthly business meeting and speak to the committee chair.  Business meetings are scheduled on the last Wednesday of each month at Delray Central House at 7 p.m.

How Is Intergroup Funded?

South Palm Beach County Intergroup receives the majority of its operating funds from group contributions.  Other funding is derived from: personal contributions and the Birthday Club; proceeds from the annual Intergroup Gratitude Dinner, now in its 20th year; the annual Serenity Scramble golf tournament; and, other events and activities sponsored either by Intergroup or local Groups who choose to have events to raise funds for Intergroup. The number of Groups and absolute number of AAs has dramatically increased in the past five years in South Palm Beach County, in part due to the continued growth in the number of treatment facilities and halfway houses.  The cost to support our groups continues to grow and we are grateful for the continued financial support.

How are Groups Informed Of Intergroup’s Finances?

The Treasurer’s report, with full disclosure of income including group contributions and expenses, is printed in the SCAAN and distributed at monthly business meetings.  It is also available at your Intergroup office.

Where Are The Monthly Meetings?

SPBCI business meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.  We meet at Delray Central House located at 2170 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach (SW corner of Atlantic & Congress – enter from the alley behind the mall). Officers, Committee Chairs, and the Office Manager present their reports.  The issues and opportunities facing groups in South Palm Beach County are discussed.  All Alcoholics are welcome to attend.

How Much To Contribute To Intergroup?

Suggested guidelines are presented in “Self Support:  Where Money & Spirituality Mix,” and reprinted with permission from AA World Services Inc.  “To help support AA’s essential services, the General Service Conference suggests, that individual groups through an informed group conscience, ‘adopt a specific contribution plan tailor made to meet the group’s financial situation.  Once the basic group’s expenses have been taken care of (rent, refreshments, AA literature, local meeting lists), and a ‘prudent reserve’ has been set aside to cover any emergency contingencies that might arise, the group may decide to further carry the message by sending money to the following AA service entities.  Here is an example of Group Contributions to AA service entities:”

•  50% to Intergroup
•  30% to General Service
•  10% to the Area
•  10% to the District.

These are only guidelines. Some groups choose to give more . . . or less to Intergroup.

When Should We Contribute?

Some groups prefer to contribute every month, since Intergroup has monthly expenses to pay.  Other groups prefer a quarterly system.  In general, a monthly contribution system seems to be the most popular and responsible method.  It is again a matter of group conscience.  New group Treasurers can call Intergroup with questions,  or for group contribution histories.

What If My Group Does Not Have A Lot Of Money?

No contribution toward carrying the message can be too small.  Bill W. spoke about our “collective obligation” to support AA services, and if everyone waited until they had a “sizeable amount, it’s more than likely that AA’s bills would go unpaid.”

What Is The Birthday Club?

The Birthday Club is a way for individual AA members, or a Group, to support Intergroup by contributing each year on their sobriety anniversary, or anniversary of the founding of their group..  $1 for each year of sobriety is suggested, and is recognized in the SCAAN.