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We recently launched a new website and are continuing to add features including a blog, newsletter subscription, and changes based on user feedback. The new meetings list format is a big departure from the format used by the old site so it does take some getting used to. Personally I didn’t initially like the new unfamiliar format at first but when both the old and new site were available during development I found myself checking the new site as it was easier to find meetings, especially from a phone.

Please leave feedback here or get in touch with us directly.

Why we needed a new site:

  • Meeting updates had to be done by a technical individual rather than office staff and could be delayed.
  • Over 75% of website visitors visit the site from a mobile device and the website was not easily viewable on a mobile device.
  • AA World Services requested our meetings data for their ‘Meeting Guide’ app and the easiest way to achieve this was using their WordPress/website plugin.
  • It didn’t make sense to try to add new features to dated technology.

Goals/best practices for new site:

  • Best practice going forward – The simpler the better. Minimalist content, linking out to external resources where possible rather than duplicating them on our site.
  • Built on WordPress which offers various advantages including easily adding new features such as events, blog etc.
  • Non-technical office staff can update meetings and almost anything else quickly and easily. No more meeting update delays.
  • Our meetings are now on the Meetings Guide App from AA World Services, along with North Palm, Broward, and many other participating intergroups, which is very useful for those living in border areas, vacationing etc.
  • Mobile friendly, responsive design adapts to screen width.
  • Find meetings close to your current location from a smartphone (IP Geolocation).
  • Added Events section
  • Added Newsletter/Events email subscriptions
  • Added Printable meeting list
  • Added Blog

‘Potential’ or planned new features

  • Contribute page
  • Digital Basket instructions
  • Hospitals and Institutions meeting request form
  • Speaker exchange
  • Spanish speaker resources/translation
  • Online store

Thank you for those who have left feedback thus far, some of it we have already addressed and some we are still working on.

2 thoughts on “New website and features

  1. Thank you for your service, GREAT website!!!!! Is there a link to sign up/volunteer (help line, etc)?

    1. Yes please go here:

      We are also having a volunteer orientation training this Friday at 2 pm at the office. You are welcome to attend just to check it out if you wish. Time is 2pm at 2905 S Federal Hwy. Delray Beach 33483

      Please RSVP if coming by calling 561-276-4581.


      Bill D., Office Manager

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