How to Move an A.A. Meeting Online in 5 Simple Steps

An account capable of hosting multiple/recurring 1hr+ meetings with up to 100 participants costs only $14.99/monthly or up to 300 for $19.99/month. Or you can find someone that already has a paid account to share with as many A.A.’s have already signed up for these.


    1. Register an account at
    2. Click ‘Plans & Pricing’ and purchase the $14.99 package. Then select ‘Monthly’ billing instead of ‘Annual’ and checkout.
    3. Click ‘Schedule a meeting’
    4. Schedule your meeting time. Tick the box for ‘Recurring’ and configure recurring frequency/days. Untick Registration required and click ‘Save’.
    5. Copy the invitation and send it to us along with your group name and meeting day(s)/time(s) so we can publish it.
    6. Check our post How to easily stop zoom trolls in the event you experience zoom trolls interrupting and profaning your meetings.

A.A.’s can now connect to your meeting with a single click, touch, or phone call.

Example meeting page:

Note: These online meetings have far exceeded both mine and others’ initial expectations!

6 thoughts on “How to Move an A.A. Meeting Online in 5 Simple Steps

  1. I’m looking for a way to present the panel 70 agenda items to area 43 without a physical meeting. I’ve attended a few zoom meetings already and am starting to explore my options. Your website was suggested by our technology committee chair. I’m very technology limited, but out of necessity, am learning quickly. I have an appointment with our area chair this morning, I will find out what accounts we have and then begin training. You may be hearing from me soon
    Pete V
    Finance committee

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