Nationwide Online Meetings, Speaker Tapes, Resources

Many of our regular local meetings have switched to online/phone, however we will include here links to other valuable online meetings and resources:

Please feel free to contact us and share helpful resources we can add here.

The more resources we can provide during this challenging time the better we can help support our fellows.

3 thoughts on “Nationwide Online Meetings, Speaker Tapes, Resources

  1. Hi, I attended a couple of meetings at the Usual Suspects two day event (which was was very good) last weekend.
    There were a couple of Zoom meetings that were posted on the chats that looked like something I would like to attend.
    One was the First International AA Workshop and the other was the Detroit International Speaker Series.
    I was able to obtain the meeting numbers and passwords but not the dates.

    1. Hi Vincent, maybe reach out to their local Intergroup? I’m sorry I don’t have that information.

  2. Hi Vincent!
    All of the International Workshops and meetings that are being held i/l/o holding our convention this year, will be available at:
    thank you!
    Pam T
    Office Manager

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