30 Second Guide to Stopping Zoom Trolls

A troll/zoom-bomber that cannot unmute or rename themselves and cannot share their screen won’t interrupt the meeting and will soon move on.

Be confident in dealing with trolls. The meeting host is in total control of settings that trolls cannot access. Do not become overwhelmed. Reassure participants who may feel uneasy. We don’t want people leaving a meeting feeling intimidated.

1. Disallow participants to rename, unmute & share screen once the the meeting starts + additional measures

diagram to setup zoom

Please consider taking the following additional measures on an as needed basis:

  1. Password protect the meeting if it’s not already (The zoom bombers often use predictive software to guess meeting ID’s as opposed to actually visiting websites to pickup passwords manually)
  2. Chair person and a co-host: this is to ensure the chair person can focus on the meeting at hand and the co-host can over see the attendees.
  3. Waiting room function: this can be controlled by the co host, so if someone is removed from a meeting, they cannot automatically rejoin.
  4. Don’t use full names. If any members are using their full name inform them to change their username prior to the meeting start to protect their anonymity.
  5. Disable background images.
  6. To lock the chat click Chat > […] > Host only

2. Disable screen sharing before the meeting if preferred

Go to https://zoom.us, login and in the settings navigate to Personal > Settings > In Meeting (Basic) and look for Screen sharing. Check the option that only the host can share.

3 thoughts on “30 Second Guide to Stopping Zoom Trolls

  1. SUPER Helpful! I have hosted two meetings and both times someone accidentally shared their screen and could not figure out how to unshare. I had to remove them to get the meeting back on the normal view.

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