New online store, upcoming steeting committee elections, in-person meetings

Good Afternoon Intergroup Reps, Committee Chairs and all interested parties,

As meetings are slowly starting to open with COVID social distancing restrictions, here is an update from your Steering Committee.

In-person meetings

Please find a regularly updated list of in-person meetings here or click the link on the top of our website ‘In-Person Meetings’.   Kindly advise us of any changes/additions to you group meeting (i.e. if your group is meeting in person as well as continuing on zoom). We are hoping to keep an accurate updated list for reference and meeting codes.

Business Meeting in June

A June business meeting is planned for June 24th, however, we will have to keep updated due to the COVID gather restrictions.  Central House is not allowing more than 30 people in attendance.  If this rule does not change, we will have to come up with another plan for the meeting.

Steering Committee: July Elections & Lease

In addition, we will be sending out requirements for Steering Committee Positions in June, as in July, we will be voting for the new committee!!  Kindly advise your groups that all positions are open for July as we will be continuing with the spirit of rotation even under COVID.

Your Steering Committee is pursuing a lease extension for the Intergroup Office. The current lease is up in August, and we, as a group, do not feel saddling the body with an exorbitant rent in this uncertain time is prudent.  So, perhaps an extension until COVID settles down a bit to see if we even need that large of a space, or coming up with another solution for this issue.  Maybe even merging with North Palm Beach county intergroup could be a viable option.

7th Tradition Contributions Online

We are now accepting 7th Tradition donations online.  PLEASE announce in all your zoom groups as our group contributions have diminished.  We accept Zelle, Venmo, PayPal and credit card.

New Online Store

Lastly, we have added our online store to the SPBCI website!!!  You will be able to order our merchandise/books, etc and either pick it up at the office, have it delivered to your home, or the intergroup meeting at the end of the month!!! Big books, medallions and specialty books are listed now, and we also are able to take requests so merchandise you want will be ordered for you as well!!!  We plan to add a larger assortment of products in the future. We are very excited about this addition and thank Jason, our webmaster, for his endless work on the groups behalf. Kindly advise your groups of the new addition for “sober stuff” at your meetings!!

Please click here for the financial reports.

Hoping everyone is staying safe – and we look forward to seeing you in June!  More to be revealed!!

Thank you,
In service,

Elizabeth B

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