SPBCI ELECTIONS July 27th , 2022

Standing Committee positions

Term July 2022 – July 2023

Archives: Coordinate and catalog along with the S.P.B.C. Archivist all collections and preserve material pertinent to the history of our Intergroup and local area. Create committee to assist with displays and workshops.

Bridge the Gap: (Men & Women) Coordinate committee members who are “temporary contacts” to go with new members after leaving a treatment center or a correctional facility to A.A. meetings; answer A.A. related questions; and introduce them to other members for support as they transition into the A.A. community. Work closely with the H&I Chair.

General Service Liaison: Function as direct link to the General Service structure of AA by attending local District meetings and providing report at the monthly Intergroup business meeting.

Group Information: Coordinate a committee of volunteers to visit local A.A. Groups not currently represented at the Intergroup monthly business meetings. Bring information and a spirit of unity to these groups offering our aid and support. Obtain Group contact information and request Group History for our Archives.

Hospitals & Institutions: Coordinate volunteers to carry the A.A. message into Treatment Centers and Detox facilities throughout S.P.B.C. Chair monthly H&I committee meeting. Work closely with the Bridge the Gap Chair to offer our continued help after a newcomer leaves that facility.

North Palm Beach County Intergroup Liaison: Function as a direct link to N.P.B.C. Intergroup by attending its monthly business meeting, bringing back information, and giving a report at the monthly S.P.B.C. Intergroup business meeting. The Liaison also supplies a written report to the S.P.B.C. Steering Committee.

Public Information: Inform the public about our A.A. program by supplying literature or speakers upon request. Reach out to the local schools, businesses, civic groups, public services, and the South County Courthouse. Interact with the District 8 PI Chair to facilitate cooperation and prevent duplication of services.

SCAAN: Assemble information and documentation provided by S.P.B.C. Intergroup and create a theme-based story for monthly publication following newsletter guidelines. Provide electronic artwork to printer and the Webmaster each month. Proficiency with Microsoft Word and working familiarity with Excel needed, design and desktop publishing experience desirable.


Telephone Relay: Coordinate Group commitments to take our after- hours phone calls – anytime the office is closed. Supply current 12th Step lists, emergency numbers, instructions, and the telephone at the monthly business meeting. If necessary, attends the A.A. Group’s business meeting to supply information, a sample calendar and assistance prior to the group’s commitment month. Maintains communication between the groups, the Intergroup office, the cell phone provider, and the 12th Step Committee.

Twelve Step Committee (Male, & Female): Keep and update the 12th Step call lists monthly. Work very closely with the Intergroup office manager. Request groups and individuals to serve as contacts and be willing to supply workshops and/or assistance for participants of this most important front-line service.

Workshop Chair: This person shall conduct monthly workshops on the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and Sponsorship. These Workshops shall be the third Saturday of every month and will be held at Delray Central House. The chair shall use only A.A.W.S. Conference approved materials and will be provided any resources they need to conduct the workshops by the Intergroup office. It is suggested that the Workshop Chair reaches out to members of the community to come do leads, host panels, and foster good practices by disseminating information.

Steering Committee

Term July 2022 – July 2024

The Officers shall consist of Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.            An Officer’s term of service shall be no more than two (2) consecutive years in any one position. It is recommended that all Officers have at least four (4) years of continuous sobriety

CHAIRPERSON: To oversee the duties and designated tasks of other officers, committee chairs and Intergroup as a whole.

Preside over all meetings and perform such acts and duties as are customary to the office. Conduct all meetings using Parliamentary Procedures to ensure the proper and efficient order of business. He/She shall Appoint committee as necessary Will Call special meetings, as necessary. Shall be a signatory on checking account and will Orient their Successor.

VICE-CHAIR: Have primary responsibility for the day-to-day communication with office employees. Perform the duties of the Chair in his/her absence and will perform those duties as specifically delegated by the Chair. He/’She will review policies and procedures and personnel files as appropriate. Shall also be a signatory on account.

The Vice Chair shall attend local quarterly area Intergroup/Central Office Committee meetings. Act and serve as liaison to the chairs of committees and help facilitate and co-ordinate special A.A. activities, events, or functions. The Vice Chair Will Orient their Successor.

SECRETARY:  He/ She shall prepare the minutes of each Intergroup and Steering Committee. meeting and email to Steering Committee for review; upon Chair’s approval create final version of business meeting minutes for SCAAN.

The Secretary shall Maintain the book of minutes, motions, Bylaw amendments and applicable records.

He/ She shall Maintain and update a roster of Officers’ and Committee Chairs’ addresses, phone numbers and emails and distribute to Steering Committee members and all Committee Chairs.

Perform other duties relating to secretarial functions as needed and will Orient their successor.


TREASURER: Oversee and review financial records monthly to include Bank Reconciliations, P&L and Balance Sheet reports, Cash flow reports; Group Contribution records, tax filings, and any other financial functions as needed.

The Treasurer shall be a signatory on checking accounts and access online to bank records.

He/ She will conduct monthly review of bank statements and tax filings.

Present financial report at monthly business meeting and shall Orient their successor.

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