Get Involved in A.A.!

Intergroup Office Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers to work a regular 4 hour shift weekly in our Delray Beach office Monday through Saturday. Duties include answering the phones, stocking our books, cashier duties, and general help around the office.

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Hospitals & Institutions Volunteer

Volunteer as a chairperson bringing meetings into treatment and other facilities where residents don’t have the opportunity to attend regular meetings of A.A. Suggested continuous sobriety time of 6+ months.

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12th Step Call List Volunteer

A 12th step call is an important part of the recovery process for many. Generally, an individual or group sits or speaks with somebody suffering from alcoholism in order to help them find recovery. People may call into their local A.A. office or reach out to a trusted friend or family member. A member of the twelve-step community volunteers to either speak to the struggling individual or meet with them in person.

Please read about important 12th step guidelines here.

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Intergroup Representative & Other Commitments

Many volunteering opportunities typically exist within each local A.A. group. Typically these commitments are obtained by attending one of their monthly business meetings and volunteering for a position. Most groups announce the date and time of their business meeting in the beginning of each meeting. New volunteers are very much appreciated and encouraged to attend. Positions vary somewhat between groups but the common ones are:

  • Intergroup representative – Typically a 1 year commitment. Represent their local A.A. group at the Intergroup level. They attend monthly Intergroup business meetings where all the Integroup reps from all the groups meet to discuss and vote on issues and bring it back to their local groups.
  • Group Chairperson – Typically a 1 month commitment. Chairs the A.A. meeting.
  • Group Greeter – Typically a 1 month commitment. Greets people at the door.
  • Group Coffee Maker
  • Group Literature Representative – Obtains literature, sobriety chips and medallions for the group and makes announcements pertaining to the same.
  • Group Treasurer – Typically a 2 year commitment. Collects contributions, pays the bills, sends on contributions to Intergroup, Area and District, and General Service Office.